We are a group of students that mainly focuses on deforestation and animal displacement. We created this website to inform people about what happens in Europe connected with deforestation. Our goals for this year is to plant trees and protect the habitats of wild life.

Some Amazing facts about deforestation
  • Around 30% of the Earth land are covered by forests!

  • 27 football fields of forests are cut down every minute!

  • Between 1990 and 2016 the world lost 1.3 million square kilometers (502,000 square miles) of forests!

  • Since humans started cutting down trees the world lost 46% of Earth's forests.




Our action

What is our action?

Our Action in Europe is that we want to let everyone know, how big this problem actually is, and without the help of everyone, we can't achieve our goal.


We have created a website on the internet, to campaign against this disaster. 


Also, we give seeds for free, to people, that they can plant them in their own garden or balcony.

why is our action important?

This is important because some people think that deforestation is not as severe as it actually is.


So we decided to show you that everyone can help fight this problem as a citizen, not only the government or other organisations.


You can change something about deforestation!

How did we get there?

First of all, we had to research to fully understand our topic. 


Secondly, we had to think of how we could show our research/action.


When we decided that we were going to do a website, we had to think of the content that we would publish.


When we had found our content, then we could start with our website. That was our path until now.


our journey

what we will do the future 

how did we get there?

In the future we will continue working on our project and maybe we will continue editing this website.We hope that in the future more people will be aware of what a bad problem deforestation is.

At the beginning of our project we knew that it was a long way to come to the point where we are now. It was to admit little hard but we are all proud of where we are now.

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